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Heading toward its 100th year.

The cafe at Loe Beach was built at the end of WW1 by Norman Williams, a flower farmer who owned the beach and farm behind the beach. He built it for his sisters Mabel and Edith to run. 

Norman built the cafe (or tea shop as it was known then) from the timbers of a schooner called the Alice T. Some of that timber can be seen in the floor of the cafe today.

One of the cafes more exciting jobs was playing host to American soldiers manning the gun emplacements on the beach during WW2. There is a tale surrounding a small hole in the roof, caused by a young soldier whose gun accidentally went off while he was cleaning it!

The cafe today is pretty similar to the cafe back then-sitting humbly but happily on Loe Beach and looking out to sea.

The cafe has had many different people running it over the years. We are very keen to get things right, and want everyone who visits us to have a good time and enjoy our little corner of beautiful Cornwall! 

Rebecca & Jane

some of our favourite reviews




Anita Cottam, Facebook

"Amazing fresh food, fantastic location,excellent service. can't wait to go again."

Sam W, Wadebridge - TripAdvisor Review

"On its own its brilliant, but when coupled with the fabulous location and the watersports centre just next door the Loe Beach Cafe has it all, and dare i say it.. could be the Perfect Beach Cafe!"

Penny, TripAdvisor Review

"I can thoroughly recommend this place and am looking forward to coming back again and again."

About Loe Beach Cafe

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